Prakash Laddha Group mainly vests its large scale of interests in government and private contracting. The reason the roots are deep within held in contracting is expertise and precision level of engineering conducted in this particular vertical. Under the vision, chairmanship and guidance of Mr Prakash Laddha, the group has undertaken several large scale projects and have executed in record time. The Goa Indoor Stadium Project which has been acclaimed globally as completed in 100 days. Such is the stigma of this segment, large scape projects and construction is conducted in record times by PLG.

Government Contracting

Under the vision and prospects of Mr Prakash Laddha, the group has successfully harnessed and undertaken projects for the Government. It’s a matter of pride that the group which was started from the tendering department back in 1978 has become so trustworthy that it went up to work with the Government and semi-Government bodies. The Group has executed civil construction, government staff quarters, hostel buildings and auditoriums for these bodies.

The Group is also largely involved in infrastructure development and construction of roads, highways, Public Private Partnerships, industrial parks, educational institutions and hospitals.

Godavari Projects – DG MAPS

Godavari Projects is a project undertaken by the group for the prestigious client – DG MAP which categorically falls under the Administration of the Indian Army. The Project is to undertake and construct dwelling units for the Allied Forces and Officers with a total development area of just above 5 Lac Sq ft. The Project is awarded to the group for a tender value of INR 108 Crore. This Project is the first of its kind where the entire constructions is done by block cements which is for the first time done in India on a commercial or on a civil level.

Private Contracting

With time management as a base technical and fundamental principle the Group vests its interests in private civil contracting. The group has executed several private projects which today have been possible with excellent engineering skills of PLGroup. The Group is very much open and considers medium and large scale execution of projects for private real estate and constructions.