Our Values

We at PLG are committed to deliver results in all forms and in order to nurture the sense of development we have laid down the foundation of values which will not only enable us to reach our goals but also create an excellent specimen of a group across all industries and sectors of the economy.

For Decades, We as a group are not just strong technically but we also want to be a company which has laid down strong principles and fundamentals. These fundamentals will lead towards a better society and a much better entity which will help to create a difference to all those who are associated with us.

We are passionate in what we do and we do things in the most integral manner. This values has been the core of the our businesses since 1971 and which has led the group today to be present in diversified sectors and industries

Customer Service

We at PLG keep the customer in center for everything what we do. We ensure that all our customers get a seamless experience working with PLG. For us every single customer, either a government entity or an online buyer across industries will get the same service, approach and experience. This has been the core value of our group and this fundamental value has led the group today working in multiple geographies.


Honesty and Integrity is the emotion on which our group operates. We take honesty very seriously and we inculcate this value within the organization at every level. This value implies not only to our internal employees but also with our suppliers, vendors and distributors. We believe that being transparent and honest in our work will build a very strong foundation for the future generations to come.


We at PLG work with an ambition to keep sustainability at the heart of what we undertake and in the solutions that we provide to our partners and stakeholders. Our framework in the business operates on three dimensional framework Social, Economic and Environmental sustainability. Each model and blue print works and integrates together to create a better tomorrow.


We at PLG are responsible not only as a virtue or not only at the group level but also as an individual. We believe that we are accountable for our execution and we are owners of our own responsibilities. We firmly believe that a great future can be shaped if we as individuals work as a team and hold accountability towards our values which later transfuse, transform and depict in our day –to- day activities.

Team work

Our Core Values, Our mission and our vision are all embedded with this most simple yet a powerful framework of Team work. We understand the strengths and weaknesses of our team members which is why it is easier for us as a group to work in a collaborative and yet in a competitive manner with each other. We like to grow and along with us we want our team to grow as well, and the base of the entire Eco-system of PLG is to maintain this approach of working together towards our strategies, values and principles

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