Prakash Laddha Group is a four decade group which vests its interests in various sectors like real –estate, constructions, government contracting and e-commerce. The group is an industrial stalwart when it comes in creating infrastructure and projects in the industry. The Group is highly trusted by various Government Machineries where in a total of 3 Mn Sq Ft of development have taken place for the government across decades

The Group is founded by Mr Prakash Laddha who began his career from the tendering industry to this diversified sector in a span of 45 years. The Group is known for be-spoke execution of projects with an excellent track record of completion with quality control and reliability.

Real Estate

PLG has pioneered and have a strong foothold in the real estate and construction sector over the past 4 decades transforming cityscapes and landscapes with structures and creating landmarks of immense size and grandeur. The Company’s Stand point of view in constructing real estate projects with great precision of construction and engineering is a marvel in itself.

Vastukrupa Construction (India) Pvt Ltd
Vastukrupa Construction (India) Pvt Ltd .(VCPL) was founded in 1991 is a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) created under the PLG to execute business operations in the Commercial Real Estate and facilitating stone crushing as a segment to provide quick resources and ease of logistics. The company has executed a signature project “Business Square” in Nashik. The Company also manages a 4 stage crusher plant which beholds a vision of producing 200 Metric Tonne of M Sand per day.
Jaikumar Real Estate Private Limited (JREPL)
Jaikumar Real Estates Private Limited was formed in 2007 as a special purpose vehicle (SPV) of Prakash Laddha Group to execute ‘Parksyde Residency’ Project, a residential group housing project at Pathardi Road, , Nashik. The Project and has been completed in record time, spread across 3.25 Lac Sq Ft for Phase – I and 2.85 Lac Sq Ft for Phase – II, this residential housing project has become a landmark in itself in Nashik
Jaikumar Construction LLP (JCLLP)
Jaikumar Construction LLP another special purpose vehicle (SPV) of Prakash Laddha Group to execute ‘Parksyde Homes’ Project, a residential group housing project at Panchavati Annex, Nashik. The Project is under execution and one of the running projects in Nashik. The group have already booked over 550 flats in last 1-11⁄2 years. The Project is spread across 5.22 Lac Sq Ft & 2.95 Lac Sq ft for Phase 1 & Phase 2 respectively.
Atal Buildcon Pvt. Ltd. (ABPL)
ABPL is a special purpose vehicle (SPV) of the Prakash Laddha Group to execute Pinnacle Mall Project on BOT basis at prime location of Trimbak Naka, Nasik. The said project is leased to M/s. Pantaloons Retail (I) Ltd for their Nashik Brand factory format and to M/s. Reliance Retail. This Commercial Complex is spread across 1.5 Lac Sq Ft and was completed in the year 2010. Its access and central location gives it a high preference for big-box retailers to capture the Tier 2 Market.
Dream shelter Developers LLP
Dream shelter developers LLP was founded in 2017 and was created as a special purpose vehicle (SPV) of Prakash Laddha Group to execute in real estate sector. This firm has an ongoing project named Dream shelter, which falls under first of its kind affordable housing scheme in Nasik. It’s a township concept which is spread across 1.5 Lac Sq Ft and has 360 flats with all modern amenities at the affordable rates. This is also covered under the Pradhan Mantri Yojana .


PLG mainly vests its large scale of interests in government and private contracting. The reason the roots are deep within held in contracting is expertise and precision level of engineering conducted in this particular vertical. Under the vision, chairmanship and guidance of Mr Prakash Laddha, the group has undertaken several large scale projects and have executed in record time. The Goa Indoor Stadium Project which has been acclaimed globally as completed in 100 days. Such is the stigma of this segment, large scape projects and construction is conducted in record times by PLG

Government Contracting
Under the vision and prospects of Mr Prakash Laddha, the group has successfully harnessed and undertaken projects for the Government. It’s a matter of pride that the group which was started from the tendering department back in 1978 has become so trustworthy that it went up to work with the Government and semi-Government bodies. The Group has executed civil construction, government staff quarters, hostel buildings and auditoriums for these bodies.

The Group is also largely involved in infrastructure development and construction of roads, highways, Public Private Partnerships, industrial parks, educational institutions and hospitals.
Private Contracting
With time management as a base technical and fundamental principle the Group vests its interests in private civil contracting. The group has executed several private projects which today have been possible with excellent engineering skills of Prakash Laddha Group. The Group is very much open and considers medium and large scale execution of projects for private real estate and constructions.


Q-fab Cement Private Limited
Q Fab Cement Pvt. Ltd. is 25 year old outfit which was mainly created to produce readymade concrete walls. The idea behind this concept was to manufacture Fly Ash Bricks using high technology machines based on the requisition of the customers. There is a dedicated Area of 5 acres with appropriate industrial shed where the operations are conducted and the products are supplied to all parts of Maharashtra for various projects
India is a hub of infrastructure development where development is at its peak. The Industry and the requirement of development are so humongous that there has to be constant supply of raw material to build this infrastructure. Keeping that vision in mind, PLG sought of venturing in to this industry 45 years back. Since then, the group has mined almost 40 acres of land with the best of the mining equipment’s, machinery and licenses. There are more than 15 commercial equipment’s, excavators, trucks, etc to undertake this operations smoothly. As a group Vision, PLG aims to produce 200 Metric Tonne M Sand per day with its 4 Stage Crusher plant.


Edgewise Ventures (OPC) Private Limited
Edge-wise Ventures is the innovative segment which is created under the PLG to enable services to the growing e- commerce segment not only in India but also on the Global front. EV is known for consulting small and medium level brands who wants to mark its presence in the digital front. This segment is one step innovation in the digital world and has a very promising opportunity to grow due its 360 degree one stop solution to various brands.