Corporate Social Responsibility

We at Prakash Laddha Group believe that we at can create a huge impact towards the society by bringing in social and economic changes at grass root levels of the society. We undertake numerous activities across the year where in we are deeply involved with number of social development projects towards upliftment of the society.

Vanbandhu Parishad

We at PLG have tied up with Friends of the Tribal Society (FTS-India ) where Mr Prakash Laddha is also the President of the Association. Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation is a part of FTS India where they help in settling and creating the Adivasi community of the region . We are involved with the foundation to provide financial support as well as educational support. We contribute a sum of INR 1 Million on a yearly basis to ensure the foundation can undertake its development activities in a focused way and the right help is rendered to each and all of the Adivasi community. We have also adopted 12 schools via the foundation to ensure that this community is benefited by the right education and can be self-depended in years to come.

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Dhamma Nashik

Dhamma Nāsikā, meaning 'Nose of Dhamma,' is situated on a secluded plot of land given by the Municipal Corporation of Nashik. The 17-acre triangular plot, about one-hour drive from Dhamma Giri, is on a high piece of land and protected on all sides. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Dhamma Nāsikā is yet within convenient distance of Nashik city. On all sides one can see the mountains of Sahyadri. The centre overlooks Nashik city. Gangapur Dam is about three kilometers away. Mr Prakash Laddha has been associated with this foundation ever since the year of 1998 where he has held the prestigious position of the Trustee from the year 1998 – 2006. Ever since his association Mr Laddha has ensured to be a part of this institution by rendering his service to the society by volunteering as a teacher at this institution where in he runs 10 -60 day courses of meditation. People across the world take up these courses and this entre institution is a non-commercial institution which runs purely on donation who, having completed a course and experienced the benefits of Vipassana, wish to give others the same opportunity. PLG has ever since been a key member in donations to these self-reliant institutions.

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Global Pagoda Foundation

The Golden Pagoda in Mumbai which is a heritage of peace has been associated with PLG since the time of inception. PLG was involved in creating the foundation of the site and the entire cost has been absorbed by the group. PLG believes and indicates that society and human service is above all sorts of service.

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Nandini Goshala

Nandini Goshala is an establishment , with a view to protect the cows, and different animals, and is against killing of them. This center aims at complete safety of animals and different birds by using different modern and traditional methods. The outcome of this pure thinking are the different benefits that are obtained in the form of various useful products that would be seen at Nandini Goshala. The purpose of this foundation is to spreads the message of humanity, love, honesty in the society. PLG is deeply involved with this foundation and has been actively involved with the trustee and the board of members serving this purpose. Mr Prakash Laddha is holding the prestigious position of Vice President of the foundation and has been involved in adoption of cows at the center. The center holds a total of 500 cows and PLG as an institution provides financial as well as strategic aid to the center to serve the purpose.

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