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Prakash Laddha Group is a four decade group which vests its interests in various sectors like real–estate, constructions, government contracting and e-commerce. The group is an industrial stalwart when it comes in creating infrastructure and projects in the industry. The Group is highly trusted by various Government Machineries where in a total of 1 Mn Sq Ft of development have taken place for the government across decades

The Group is founded by Mr Prakash Laddha who began his career from the tendering industry to this diversified sector in a span of 40 years. The Group is known for be-spoke execution of projects with an excellent track record of completion with quality control and reliability.

We at Prakash Laddha Group provide both commercial as well as residential infrastructure with ahead of time designs and amenities in record time where the group has bagged multiple awards and certifications. We have been in the business for almost 5 decades and our expertise in innovative engineering has led to us to create landscapes and landmarks across geographies.

Contracting remains a backbone in vertical for Prakash Laddha Group, the real future lies in development of this contracting work with fruitful participation of this vertical across all sectors. Our excellent relationship building value with our network, precision level of engineering skills and managing the deadlines allows us to and undertake civil and government contracts and private contracts.

Industrial Supplies as an added business is another vertical which is currently in a process to unfold on large scale within the industry. Industrial supplies and mining of land to create large sum of innovative value is one of core focus of the group. The Group’s objective is to deliver range of products, with suitable combination of customer mix.

E-Commerce is a significant growing sector in India, with brands like Amazon, Wal-Mart , Paytm and Tata the sector is a very promising sector in economic India. The Group eye’s fulfillment centers and last mile delivery for the players and service with great optimization in the supply chain management and offer great cold storage facilities across the geography.

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